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Where do you find the MAC address on a smart TV ?

find the MAC address on a smart TV

What is a MAC Address ?

A MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to a Network Interface Card (NIC) by the manufacturer. It is 12 characters long consisting of digits (0-9) and letters (A-F). It can be represented in different notations depending on the manufacturer of the device.

Some examples are below:

  • 00-C2-D0-63-C2-26
  • 00:R2:D0:63:C2:26
  • A3.D0.63 :C2.26
  • 00 :.D0:63 :C2 :26

Finding the MAC Address of Your Device

Most manufacturers will print the MAC address on a label on the back or on the bottom of the device. To find the MAC address quickly, it is recommended that you physically inspect your device for this label. If you cannot find the label or it is not printed on the device, you will need to go through the device’s system menus to find it


Samsung Smart TV mac address

To locate the MAC Address

  1. From the TVmenu, choose Network.
  2. SelectNetwork Settings.
  3. Choose Wirelessfor the connection type.
  4. Connect to the Macalester Gadgetswireless network.
  5. The Wireless MAC Address will be shown.

If the steps above do not work, try the following

  1. From the TVmenu, choose Network.
  2. SelectNetwork Status.
  3. Go to Support.
  4. Choose Contact Samsung.
  5. Hold down the Product Information key to see the Wi-Fi Mac Address.

Apple TV mac address

  1. On your Apple TV, go to
  2. Next go to General.
  3. Then go to About.
  4. Its MAC address is listed as Wi-Fi Addressor Wireless ID.



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